Race Programme

Receiver of Entries: The Point-to-Point Racing Company Ltd

Phone: 01933 304840 (with credit/debit card or via Weatherbys account payment)

Online: www.pointtopointentries.co.uk

Entries Secretary: Mrs N Featherstone, 28 Exeter Close, Tonbridge, TN10 4NT. Telephone: 01732 353518 / 07788 646134​ Email: nicky_featherstone@hotmail.com

Entries close: Monday March 23rd @ 12.30pm

12.15 The Churchill Country & Equestrian Estate Agents Pony Race 

12.30 The Churchill Country & Equestrian Estate Agents Pony Race

1.30  Hound Parade

1.45  The Restricted Race

2.20  The Mixed Open Race                                                                                                 

2.55 The Jockey Club & Re-training of Race Horses Veteran Horse Conditions Race

3.30 Conditions Race

4.05 The Latilla-Campbell Open Maiden Race

4.40  Sue & Geoff Mitchell Memorial Club Race (for South East Hunts)