Race Programme

Receiver of Entries: The Point-to-Point Racing Company Ltd

Phone: 01933 304840 (with credit/debit card or via Weatherbys account payment)

Online: www.pointtopointentries.co.uk

Entries Secretary: Mrs N Featherstone, 28 Exeter Close, Tonbridge, TN10 4NT. Telephone: 01732 353518 / 07788 646134​ Email: nicky_featherstone@hotmail.com

Entries close: Monday March 21st @ 12.30pm 

1.45  The Burt Brill and Cardens Restricted Race

2.20  The Ineos GrenadierMixed Open Race                                                                                                 

2.55   The Jockey Club & Re-training of Race Horses Veteran Horse Conditions Race

3.30   Fowlers Swimming Pools Conditions Race

4.05   The Omni Davis Maiden Race

4.40    The Mitchell and Gibson family and friends Memorial Club Race (for South East Hunts)                                                           

Official photographer Andrew Wickens of ARW Photography www.arwphotography.co.uk